Sexual Education

küssende Finger mit Kondom

Are you looking for a team of experts for your protégés and/or colleagues who talk about sexuality and call a spade a spade? That answers questions of the participants without "moral forefinger"? That respects the individual shame boundaries of the persons? That informs about the sexual rights for a self-determined sexual life? That informs about protection possibilities against unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection? That helps you to fulfil your statutory educational mandate, if necessary? Here we are, the team of the AIDS-Hilfe Sachsen-Anhalt Nord e.V.

We introduce ourselves


We have been a non-profit association based in Magdeburg since 1991 and in our current self-image we function as a supra-regional centre for sexual health. Since then we have grown steadily and can now look back on years of experience. Our catchment area is the northern part of Saxony-Anhalt, consisting of six administrative districts and the state capital Magdeburg.

We are not only lobbyists for people with HIV and their relatives, but also self-help organisations and campaigners for the sexual rights of the WHO. In addition to the classic HIV/STI prevention events, our range of services also includes information and counselling on many sex education topics. We also carry out rapid tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (such as syphilis and chlamydia) at our checkpoint.

To ensure that our services are of a high quality, our committed employees* regularly attend further training courses, specialist days and congresses on specific topics. Our services are adapted accordingly on the basis of the latest findings from research and science.

As a professional association, we are the contact for authorities, offices and other associations and institutions. We are a member of the Deutsche Aidshilfe, the Paritätische Landesverband and the Society for Sex Education.

Why is this topic important?


Partnership, love and sexuality are fundamental elements in the life of every human being. Therefore, sexuality is of great importance for the holistic view of the human being. It is the driving force in our lives, it is normal and vital and forms personality. Physicality and sexuality are concepts that belong inseparably together for the lives of adolescents and (young) adults. Therefore, a basic right to free development and an individual sexual life must be valid for all people.

We would like to deepen the existing knowledge about HIV/STI, sexuality, affection, love and partnership. Through personal communication offers, prevailing prejudices should also be invalidated. These include homosexuality, HIV-infected persons, AIDS patients, trans identities, sexual preferences that are considered perverse, and the like. Tolerance and solidarity towards people who are considered "abnormal" should be strengthened or awakened.

Our concern is to enable adolescents and (young) adults to act in a self-determined and responsible manner with regard to their sexuality and the associated risks such as HIV/STI. In doing so, we try to convey an image of sexuality that emphasizes the lustful side of sexuality and does not stir up fears.

To make your search easier, we have sorted our offers according to the respective target groups. If you still have questions afterwards, the colleagues in primary prevention will be happy to help you.


This brochure will give you an overview of what we have in store for you in the area of sexual education, apart from HIV/STI primary prevention, and that is quite a lot.